Wrocław Research Centre EIT+ Campus

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Wrocław Research Centre EIT+ Campus


The Pracze Campus is a priority scientific and technological investment in Wroclaw. It covers an area of 27 hectares, located 13 km away from the city centre in the vicinity of the motorway ring road, airport and newly-constructed Euro 2012 stadium. The campus has at its disposal buildings of unique architecture, the area intended for the new investments and the park part intended for relaxation. The Pracze Campus has become even today an attractive meeting place for Wroclaw’s environmental scientists, scholars from other regions and countries, who realize joint projects. The place attracts with its own magical charm and extraordinary potential of both global partners in the innovation and technology sectors as well as small and medium enterprises.

The first stage of the Campus development will be the investment realized in the years 2010 – 2013 with a value of EUR 140 million carried out by the Wroclaw Research Centre. EIT+ In terms of the biggest Polish infrastructural investment in the R and D sector, in the area of the Pracze Campus a complex of laboratory buildings with a total useful space of circa 20 thousand square metres will be constructed. In the restored and newly-built buildings, high-class laboratories equipped with modern, unique in Poland apparatus will be organised, necessary for carrying out basic and application research and keeping the highest standards. On the area of the Campus there shall be certified biotechnological laboratories of three safety levels against biological hazard (BSL-1, 2, 3) and of a high scale of cleanliness for the nanotechnological applications created. Additionally, EIT+, as the only centre in Poland shall have at its disposal universal open laboratory spaces of an “open space” character, equipped in the highest class research equipment which allows for transferring research from a micro scale, to a quarter and semi-technical scale. The Campus possesses a conference room for over 100 people equipped with modern multimedia equipment.


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The Pracze Campus is to be a place which inspires scientists for creative work, creating the conditions for making creative challenges thanks to not only the most modern research infrastructure but also by its climate and atmosphere. The campus is immersed in the greenery of the park, creating the possibility of close contact with nature – it is a place of silence and peace which allows for not only a moment of reflection but also allows for gaining strength and energy on the road to searching for the most modern technologies and their application in our lives.

On the Campus the creation of a complete back-up is planned, which allows for relaxation and active rest so important after many hours spent working hard – in the meaning of the rule that the Campus should be a place to work and live in.

The EIT+ company, by possessing highly qualified personnel and a laboratory area will be able from 2012 to carry out laboratory and research services ordered by external entities. The laboratories will offer the possibility of carrying out research services from biotechnology, advanced medical technologies and complex material characterization, including nanomaterials.

For more detailed information about DCMiB please contact its project manager:

Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+
Ul. Stabłowicka 147
54-066 Wrocław
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Wrocław Research Centre EIT+ (beneficiary of Dolnośląskie Centrum Badań Materiałów i Biomateriałów Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+ project) is a partner of 25th anniversary conference of Academia Europaea association entitled “European science and scholarship looking ahead – challenges of the next 25 years”.

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