Ultra pure albumine

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Ultra pure albumine

Bovine serum albumin (BSA) is one of the most widely used commercially available proteins. Although usually it is sufficiently pure for use in the basic research, its employment for more sophisticated applications (i.e. as a transporter of active substances in the neoplasm and inflammation therapy, production of highly sensitive and specific antibodies or conjugated vaccines) requires significantly higher quality in terms of purity, especially lack of carbohydrate contamination and aggregation.

We have developed a method of producing and detecting ultra-pure, homogenous and monomeric bovine serum albumin, which does not contain saccharide contaminants. So far, no such method is known, but there is great need for ultra-pure BSA obtained with such a method. Hence, the patent application regarding the method of the invention is currently offered by us for licensing.

  • Purification and isolation of monomeric, ultra-pure albumin from commercially available preparations
  • Removing hydrophobic ligands from bovine serum albumin preparations
  • Analysis of commercially available albumin preparations in terms of their monomericity and purity

Our solution allows to supplement and extend the range of albumin preparations offered currently on the market, especially for molecular biology and functional applications. It is simple, quick and cost-effective.

Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 20.05.2016