Thermal-insulating material to shield radiation

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Thermal-insulating material to shield radiation

Modern construction industry requires application of multifunctional materials, reduction of production costs and simplification of manufacturing technology used for building materials. At the same time, environment – friendly materials are becoming more favorable. Therefore, new building materials are subject to numerous tests and market demand is kept at the high level.

The offer comprises the methodology applied to manufacturing of the silicate foam to be used in the construction industry. This material may be produced in various forms, e.g. panels, boards, but also applied as a gap filler.

The substrates included in the product provide fine thermal-insulating parameters and resistance to environmental agents and chemical substances. Components applied in the manufacturing process are environment – friendly and allow for recycling of the wastes or used structural elements. Owing to great porosity, the target material is light and holds attenuation properties. An ultimately essential feature of this material is its ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation. The elaborated material is non-combustible and features a perfect adhesive capacity towards metal elements.

  • Thermal-insulation solutions
  • Sound absorbing barriers
  • Electromagnetic walls
  • Screens absorbing ionizing radiation.
Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 24.05.2016