The luminescent core-shell material

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The luminescent core-shell material

Due to a dynamic expansion of the electronic industry, there is a market demand for efficient converters turning infrared and UV radiation into the visible radiation. The key goal is to fabricate the a luminescent material for converters featuring the highest conversion output and an interdependence of the fluorescent color and the temperature, at equal excitation wavelength.

We offer the core-shell luminescent material, characterizing in efficient absorption of UV radiation and capacity to absorb infrared radiation within the wavelength range of 970 — 990 nm and efficient conversion into the visible radiation. Thanks to control of activators’ concentration, it is possible to reach various fluorescent colors. This material may be applied to mark both solid bodies and fluids.

The color of emitted light is different for the excitation under UV radiation as compared to the excitation under infrared radiation. A great advantage of the material, allowing for using it in the temperature pickups, is an interdependence of emission color and the temperature ,at equal excitation wavelength.
The material also features huge resistance to environmental conditions, such as humidity, CO2 and fumes of acids and ammonia.

Radiation converters may be applied in laser technologies, plasma displayers, solar hubs, medical diagnostics as well as for protection of documents and marking of polymers, glass and paper.

Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 23.05.2016