Technology of producing of pure lactic acid esters

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Technology of producing of pure lactic acid esters

Alkyl esters of lactic acids constitute a group of chemicals that can be used in multiple industry sectors, including the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, food processing and cosmetic industry. These substances are environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable, thus offering a good alternative for oil-based solvents. Ethyl lactate may serve as an example of a versatile ester – it is called a „green solvent”, commonly used in production of cleaning agents, scented products, industrial lubricants, washing agents for paints, glues and varnishes, in the electronic industry for cleaning modules, and in the medical/pharmaceutical industry for production of stents/development of pharmaceutical recipes. In light of the extensive applicability of ethyl lactate, and considering the increasing environmental awareness in the general population, it is necessary to improve the method of synthesizing eco-solvents, including lactic acid esters, in terms of increasing efficiency and lowering the burden for the environment

We offer an improved, highly efficient lactic acid esters production process (mainly ethyl lactate) through aliphatic polyester alcoholysis.

The presented technology is simpler, less expensive and shows less adverse environmental effects than the technologies currently in place. It allows continuous production of various lactic acid ester derivatives, with 100% substrate to product conversion and >95% efficiency. The process does not require additional solvents and does not involve any loss of materials. The solution offers a reaction with or without catalytic agent, the latter maintaining a high degree of conversion.

  •  Chemical industry, pharmaceutical, medical, food processing,
    cosmetics, electronic industry
Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 20.05.2016