Phage display library for selection of proteins of desired properties

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Phage display library for selection of proteins of desired properties

Proteins specifically interacting with selected ligands can be applied both in biotechnology, as basic components of molecular research tools, and in medicine, as therapeutic and diagnostic solutions. In most cases, for this purpose antibodies and their portions are used, however, their commercial application might be constrained with a complicated tertiary and quaternary structure and low stability. Proteins having antibody-like ligand binding properties, but less complicated structure and higher stability, could potentially replace antibodies in many applications.

For commercialisation we offer synthetic phage-display library of proteins acting as antibodies in jawless vertebrates. Additionally, the offer includes S100A7 cancer marker-specific polypeptide selected from the library.

With the use of the library of proteins presented on the surface of phages, variants having virtually any properties can be isolated. Functionality of presented library has been proved in experiments. Selected proteins are characterized by high thermal and chemical stability and might be efficiently overproduced using bacterial and mammal-based expression systems.

  • Selection of antigen-specific proteins
  • The diagnostic test enabling to identify cancers characterized by overexpression of S100A7
Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 20.05.2016