Pertussis vaccine

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Pertussis vaccine

Despite widespread vaccination, pertussis has persisted in vaccinated populations and it is one of the most prevalent vaccine-preventable diseases. The recent resurgence in pertussis infections is put down to a combination of waning immunity and new mutations in the pathogen, that existing vaccines are unable to effectively control. Therefore, there is a need for potent, yet safe vaccine, provoking immune response, which includes antibodies having both neutralising and bactericidal activity.

We have developed a nontoxic, immunogenic conjugate, which could be used in a composition of pertussis vaccine, as it efficiently generates optimal anti-pertussis response, including toxin neutralisation, bacterial adherence blocking, opsonisation, complement activation and effective killing of bacteria. Currently we offer it for commercialisation in a form of patent application.

Our solution allows to supplement and extend the existing range of pertussis vaccines currently offered on the market and is unique in terms of safety and efficacy of generating complete, optimal immune response to Bordetella pertussis.

  • Preparation of efficient and safe pertussis vaccine
Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 20.05.2016