Microporous material having capillary-like properties

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Microporous material having capillary-like properties

Materials having highly developed internal surface are the subject of many researches due to the multiple use possibilities. However, there is still a need for microporous fibres, having microporous internal surface and smooth outer surface, which could be manufactured in a simple and fast way.

Offered microporous material has a unique morphological structure. Its external surface is smooth and the internal surface is highly developed and contains spindle-shaped micro-cavities interconnected by nanochannels, thus forming continuous internal space along the axis of the fibre. The material of the invention has increased hydrophilic and absorption properties. It could be made e.g. in a form of a fibre or a film.
For the commercialization, we offer a method of microporous material preparation, as well as a method of making fibres, films and other materials made of microporous material of the invention. The offered solution is simple, effective and easy to implement..

Our solution is unique in terms of fibre morphology, versatility of applications and simplicity. The offered material could be used as a sorbent or carrier of wild variety of substances.

  • Bioactive material (carriers of bioactive substances with the possibility of controlled release)
  • Barrier materials (laminates, membranes, carriers of repellents)
  • Thermal insulation materials
  • Conducting materials
  • Filtration materials
  • Hygiene materials
  • Materials absorbing electromagnetic radiation.
Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 24.05.2016