Method of differentiating thyroid cancer

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Method of differentiating thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancers are the most frequent tumours of the endocrine system. In diagnostics, there is a great demand for an in vitro method of differentiating follicular thyroid cancer (malignant neoplasm) and follicular thyroid adenoma (benign tumour). Currently, their differentiation is possible only with the use of postoperative isolates, but not fine-needle aspiration biopsy.

We have developed an innovative method for in vitro differentiation of oncogenic changes of the thyroid based on the metallothionein (MT) as a diagnostics marker. Currently, we offer it for commercialisation together with a kit to embody the method of the invention.

Our solution supplements and extends the existing thyroid neoplasm diagnostic tools and is unique in terms of possibility to differentiate thyroid tumours based on biopsy-provided tissue sample. It is fast, reliable and simple. It is possible to perform the test of the invention at low costs for single patient and to use it all over the world e.g. in a diagnostic department of a given hospital, without the need to send biopsy samples to certain laboratory (advantage in terms of costs, time and availability).

  • Targeted therapy.
  • In vitro diagnostic tool for differentiating follicular thyroid cancer and thyroid adenoma using fine-needle aspiration biopsy-provided samples
Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 19.05.2016