Method for the development of personalized therapy of breast cancer

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Method for the development of personalized therapy of breast cancer

In diagnostics, there is still an unmet medical need for simple, inexpensive, yet reliable method of predicting the clinical course of breast cancer disease. Currently offered diagnostic tests rely on the analysis of gene signatures, however they are relatively expensive and not sufficiently specific.

For the commercialisation, we offer a fast and reliable method for indication of breast cancer patients with lowered susceptibility to particular adjuvant chemotherapy. Our test is based on the RT-PCR determination of specific marker gene in samples of primary ductal breast cancer cells. As a consequence, this solution provides valuable information useful for planning an effective, personalised adjuvant therapy.

Our solution allows to extend and improve the range of diagnostic tools available for breast cancer disease. It might have the major impact on the decisions made by medical personnel in regard to chemotherapy planning and evaluating the probability of cancerous cell spreading. The method of the invention enables the selection of appropriate adjuvant therapy, reduction of adverse side-effects, as well as overall therapy costs.

  • In vitro diagnostic test for differentiating ductal breast cancer patients as responsive or non-responsive to oxazaphosphorine cytostatic and/or anthracycline antibiotics adjuvant chemotherapy
Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 19.05.2016