Method for the detection of leukemia cells resistant to treatment with deltanoids

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Method for the detection of leukemia cells resistant to treatment with deltanoids

One of the suggested therapeutic methods for myeloid leukaemia is deltanoids therapy, which leads to the inhibition of cancer cells proliferation and induction of their differentiation. However, deltanoids therapy is effective only in some subtypes of leukaemia and additionally it is associated with multiple side effects. Therefore, it would be highly desirable to have a simple test, which would allow the selection of patients possibly responsive to the treatment (personalised therapy) and in this way it would decrease the risk of side effects and lower the cost of the treatment.

For the commercialisation we offer the antibodies in the scFv format for the diagnosis of responsiveness to deltanoids therapy with the use of flow cytometry and ELISA-type tests. Presented molecules, selected by the phage display technique, allow the differentiation of drug-sensitive and drug-resistant cell lines. Currently, no such method is available on the market. Moreover, the offered antibody could be use for the identification of surface protein responsible for the patient non-responsiveness to deltanoids therapy as well as for the production of drugs for anticancer therapy (e.g. therapeutic agent – antibody conjugate).
Additionally, we offer the methodology for differentiating selection of proteins presented on phage particles against surface antigens of intact cells from liquid culture, that could be used for the selection of another antibodies having preferable properties.

The antibodies offered in scFv format are the sole solution available on the market. The diagnostic test based on our antibodies allows for quick (3h) determination of deltanoids effectiveness in the treatment of leukaemia.

  • The diagnostic test that allows for the determination of the effectiveness of deltanoids in the treatment of leukaemia
  • Production of conjugated drugs for anti–cancer therapy
  • Selection of other antibodies recognising protein antigens on cancer cells.
Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 19.05.2016