Method for identyfication bacterial infection with MALDI-TOF MS

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Method for identyfication bacterial infection with MALDI-TOF MS

There are known bacteria biotyping methods using MALDI-TOF MS, based on the generation of protein spectrum profiles of bacteria. However, in addition to the protein profiles, there is an extant need to deliver additional information regarding bacterial unique biomarkers, which may be used in the precise identification and biotyping of microorganisms.

We have developed an innovative method of identifying Gram-negative bacteria based on the mass spectrometry analysis of strain-specific biomarkers, which might have the major impact on the diagnostic industry. For commercialisation, we offer a patent application disclosing this method.

Our solution improves and extends the existing technology and is unique in terms of information provided, accuracy and simplicity. This method provides valuable information useful for the design of specific, antibacterial therapeutic tools, i.e. antibodies. The solution offered by the present invention is simple, robust, reliable and requires only minor amounts of reagents.

  • Bacterial identification and differentiation
  • Microbial serotyping for specific antibacterial drugs (e.g. antibodies) development
Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 20.05.2016