Luminescent material for the detection of X-Ray

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Luminescent material for the detection of X-Ray

Market trends for the medical imaging oblige inventors to develop materials and equipment allowing to reduce radiation doses for which the patients are exposed without any compromises for the image quality.

A novel storage phosphor material effectively absorbs the X-ray radiation and emits light under the thermal o optical stimulation. The developed X-ray storage phosphors may be manufactured as a powder or a solid sintered ceramic. The invented luminescent material has a very high density, which improves the efficiency of X-rays absorption. It could be shaped in a form of thin layers still effectively absorbing X-rays.

The material of the invention is characterized by a high efficiency of X-ray absorption. Additionally, low size of grains and high density of the sintered material reduce the light dispersion and assure better resolution of image, contrast of generated images. An important advantage of the offered material is also the lack of degradation of its properties due to the atmospheric agents, such as moisture, CO2 or other gases present in the air. Thus, the material could be used without the need of specific protection against the influence of environmental factors. The material is resistant to radiation damage, which means that even after irradiation of a high doses it does not lose its properties.v

  • Medical imaging
  • Dosimetry
  • Sensor of infrared (laser) radiation
  • Sensors of overheating
Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 23.05.2016