Liposomes for use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical application

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Liposomes for use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical application

Nowadays, along with discovering new APIs, new formulations of existing drugs are being developed. One of the ways to improve solubility and/or specificity of drugs is their encapsulation into liposomes. There are several methods of liposome production resulting in obtaining the uni- or multilamellar vesicles, which find application as carriers of biological or chemical compounds. The main advantage of such drug delivery method is the possibility to encapsulate either hydrophilic or hydrophobic drugs, which can be subsequently incorporated into aqueous or lipid layer of the liposome.
Despite of many liposome production methods, there is still a challenge to generate structures, which would be stable, non-toxic, have surface susceptible to modification and high efficiency of enclosure of the active substance.

For the commercialisation we offer the technology of stable liposomes production, the method of functionalisation of their surface and of conjugation with targeting agents as well, as the method of encapsulation of active substance into the vesicle.

Our research group has a long-term experience in liposome formulations, documented by publications and patent applications. The main advantage of the offered technology is repeatability of results, product stability and high level of encapsulation of active compounds. Moreover, we have developed the efficient method of conjugation of the vesicles with targeting agents.

  • Targeted therapy
  • Encapsulation of wide spectrum of the compounds (active pharmaceutical substances, cosmetics, flavors, etc.)
  • Gene therapy
Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 19.05.2016