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h0Humanitarium is an educational theme park located on the premises of Pracze Campus. An innovative way of transfer of knowledge, supported by an attractive educational program aimed at all ages.

We organize proprietary workshops, amazing shows and interesting lectures in an environment of interactive exhibits and multimedia.

Independent participation in the activities taking place in laboratories guarantees acquisition of unique knowledge in an accessible way. The workshop covers the subject in the field of chemistry, physics, biology, environment, ecology and healthy eating.

The detailed program is available on the website of Humanitarium.

The proprietary name “Humanitarium” refers to the issues focused on human, as well as the naming of similar facilities in the world, for example Universarium, Experymentarium, Exploratorium. Interactive exhibits and positions where one can carry out experiments and conduct observations are available on the area of approx. 1000 square meters.


Posted by , Posted on 07.10.2015