Rusza kolejna tura programu Pioneers Into Practice

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Rusza kolejna tura programu Pioneers Into Practice

Rusza kolejna tura zakrojonego na europejską skalę programu Pioneers into Practice, który ma na celu ukształtowanie nowej generacji specjalistów, przedsiębiorców i działaczy społeczno-politycznych, koncentrujących się na niskowęglowej transformacji. Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+ jest kordynatorem programu na Dolnym Śląsku.

Jednym z najważniejszych warunków udziału w programie Pioneers into Practice jest bardzo dobra znajomość języka angielskiego. Dlatego informację o rozpoczęciu kolejnej edycji programu prezentujemy poniżej w całości właśnie w tym języku.

Pioneers into Practice programme – Professional Mobility Programme

Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+ which is a Climate-KIC partner has started exciting new knowledge development programme called Pioneers into Practice (PiP) to promote world-class learning about the dynamics and management of system innovation for the transition to a low carbon economy in Europe.

The programme is looking for the next generation of climate innovators; could this be you? Are you a professional who wants to shape the world’s next economy? Would you like to create new products and services to boost the low carbon economy? Ready to step outside of your comfort zone and look at things differently? We invite aspiring pioneers and potential hosting organisations to apply to Climate-KIC’s professional mobility programme Pioneers into Practice. The programme will be delivered in Hungary, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands in Helsinki-Uussimaa region in Finlad, allowing participants to develop their knowledge and understanding in a diversity of environments.

About the programme

Pioneers into Practice aims to create a new generation of low carbon innovators with the capacity to understand and manage this new type of innovation. It seeks to develop a mix of inter-disciplinary knowhow and managerial capability among practitioners in low carbon innovation. This will be done through a learning-by-doing approach which will be accompanied by the development of social science knowledge about innovation.

Programme activities

Operating in eight European locations, the Pioneers into Practice programme runs from May through to November and consists of a 4-6 week placement (domestic or international), bespoke transitions thinking & systems innovation mentoring delivered through a structured workshop programme and online training.

Pioneers in Practice programme includes:

  • Introductory Workshop: will be held on 13 – 15 June. The workshop will provide an introduction to the main objectives and starts the mentoring programme.
  • Placement: pioneers will undertake a four-six weeks placement (domestic/international) in Sebtember/October.
  • International Workshop: will be held on 6th October
  • Final Workshop: will be held on 16th and 17th November


Climate-KIC is looking for enthusiastic and entrepreneurial individuals for Pioneers:

  • Be committed to help tackle climate change and to be part of the community of likeminded professionals putting together influential and entrepreneurial climate change plans;
  • Have experience and/or qualifications relevant to the climate change challenge, including wide ranging areas such as mobility, energy networks, the building sector and land and water management;
  • Be available and committed to attend the key dates outlined above
  • To live in one of the eligible locations
  • Possess advanced English language skills
  • Be openminded and keen to learn, share and enjoy


The programme will provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Develop hands-on experience of low-carbon innovations within a variety of organisational and international settings,
  • Go beyond the boundaries of their own professional expertise or organisational background and acquire a broader understanding of low-carbon innovation,
  • Develop an understanding of transition thinking and systems innovation in the area of climate change mitigation and adaptation,
  • Advance new ideas which could form the basis for new low-carbon innovations and ventures in practice,
  • Extend communication and networking abilities as part of a wider group of Climate-KIC Community.


Who can apply as a host:

  • Show relevant experience or interest in the topic of climate change and/or the low carbon economy
  • Are located within one of the eligible locations
  • Are able to provide a working space relevant supervision to work with the pioneer in defining a sustainability related work task for the placement
  • Able to host placement in September and October
  • Interested to expand their network and generate new business cases, to gain knowledge as well as a competitive advantage through hosting pioneer
  • Interested to learn about Systems Innovation and undertake the extensive online elearning course available to them
  • Be an openminded organization that is keen to learn, share and enjoy all the stages of Pioneers into Practice programme nad use it as a win-win situation

The benefits of hosting a placement include:

– Having a highly-motivated individual to work on a particular project identified by your organisation,
– Joining a regional group of practitioners working on low carbon living and low carbon mobility initiatives and participating in the programme workshops,
– Joining a Europe-wide group of organisations committed to stimulating innovation in low carbon solutions for the future.


We will provide 2000 EUR to reimburse your cost of travel and accommodation for International placement


Apply online now at


Maciej Supel
Specjalista ds. Koordynacji projektów / Pioneers into Practice Manager
Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ Ltd.
Climate and Energy Department

tel. +48 (071) 734 7175

Further information on Climate-KIC is available at

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