The recruitment for the 4th edition of the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland program has started

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The recruitment for the 4th edition of the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland program has started

January 8 this year the recruitment started for the 4th edition of one of the largest acceleration programs in Poland – MIT Enterprise Forum Poland. The aim of the project is to accelerate the development of young, innovative technology companies by combining their potential with knowledge, experience and resources of leading Polish and international enterprises, including State Treasury companies. The applications to the program can be submitted until the end of February via the website. Wrocław Research Centre EIT + is a Partner of the 4th edition of the Program.


MIT Enterprise Forum Poland envisages acceleration in the general path and in four specialized industry paths. The path Let’s Fintech with PKO Bank Polski! is organized in cooperation with the main partner of the program – PKO Bank Polski. The PGNiG Group is a partner of the Energia acceleration path. The Path Health is co-created by the Adamed Group, while the Agri-tech path, which appears for the first time in the program, is supported by AgriTech Hub. Also new in the accelerator is the Industry 4.0 path dedicated to technology startups interested in cooperation with partners from the Lower Silesia region. Its implementation will be supported by both technological and substantive partners such as Balluff, FANUC Polska, Nokia, ValueTech fund, Wrocław Technology Park, Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency, Wrocław Research Centre EIT + and the Top 500 Innovators Association.


– Wrocław Research Centre EIT + is one of the most important research infrastructures in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe. Every day we deal, among others, with activities supporting the creation and development of innovative and technological enterprises in cooperation with other research centres, technology transfer centres as well as with non-governmental organizations. The EIT + partnership will provide startups, which will qualify for the program, not only with the help of experts in improving products and services, support in formulating business goals and financial plans, but also access to high-quality research infrastructure, which our centre has – assures Urszula Mikiewicz, Head of Business Development Department.


Under the 4th edition of the program around 25 technology startups will pass acceleration. Beginner entrepreneurs will cooperate with Polish and international experts and mentors over verification and refinement of their business models for 3 months. All this so that they can cope with the market reality, effectively commercialize their solutions, as well as effectively raise financing for further business development.

Up to now, more than 70 technology startups have been accelerated under the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland program. The program partners provide not only expert resources during the acceleration, but also open the doors to laboratories and facilities, providing technical and technological facilities. Thanks to this, novice entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to check their projects before the official commercialization.


– Each of the acceleration partners has prepared a unique proposition for startup support. These are companies and organizations that are not only involved in helping young technology companies, but are also genuinely interested in the implementation of innovative solutions in their own structures. As a result, startups participating in the program gain a unique opportunity to establish close cooperation on commercial terms with leading Polish and international enterprises – adds Magdalena Jabłońska.


The partners supporting the program are Visa and Campus Warsaw. From the legal side, the startups will be supported by the Wardyński i Wspólnicy law firm. Under the path  Industry 4.0 the legal and tax support for startups in Lower Silesia will be provided by the consulting company Olesiński i Wspólnicy. Sales training for startups will be carried out by experts from the Sandler Training Authorized Training Centre. The organizations supporting the program are the PKO Bank Polski Foundation, Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, the Foundation for Polish Science and the Association of Organizers of Innovation and Enterprise Centres in Poland (SOOIPP).

Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 11.01.2018