Scientific Council

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Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is an advisory and assessing authority for the Board of the EIT+ Wrocław Research Centre.
The inaugural session of the Scientific Council took place on 10th May 2013 in the company’s headquarters.

Members of the Scientific Council

Krzysztof Domarecki
(President of the Board of Selena FM SA)

prof. Paweł Kafarski
(professor at the Wrocław University of Technology)

prof. Andrzej Jeżowski
(professor at the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research)

prof. Sebastian Maćkowski
(professor at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń)

prof. Wiesław. J. Staszewski
(professor at the AGH University of Science and Technology)

prof. Adam Proń
(professor at the Wrocław University of Technology)

prof. Maciej Ugorski
(professor at the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences)

prof. Jolanta Zakrzewska – Czerwińska
(professor at the University of Wroclaw)

Sessions of the Council are also attended by the Director of Semiconductor Nanostructure Department, Professor Detlef Hommel, and the coordinator of the BioMed research project that is realized by the company, Professor Jacek Otlewski.

Members of the Council are appointed ad personam by the company’s board.

The makeup of the Council reflects the main purpose for which the EIT+ has been brought into existence, i.e. the creation of a new research Centre that would complement academic institutions in Wrocław and the entire region of Lower Silesia as well as build a bridge between advanced scientific research and the innovative business, especially in terms of modern materials technology, biotechnology, medicine, computer technology, and practical aspects of climate research.