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Project BBMRI LPC (Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure Large Prospective Cohorts)

Duration: February 2013 – January 2017

Nowadays biomedical research on diseases of civilization with the use of human biological material require international cooperation and the collection of samples often from across the continent. The project BBMRI LPC (Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure Large Prospective Cohorts) is to integrate the activities of individual biobanks from Europe.

The main goal is to:

  • Harmonize the way the collection of personal and medical data from people participating in projects in the field of biobanking,
  • define/harmonize the definitions of various types of diseases,
  • develop the techniques used in biobanking of human biological material samples to ensure the sampling is of high quality,
  • create and provide access to the data of entire genome sequences, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome generated under the project,
  • build new networks of public-private cooperation involving large biobanks, diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies,
  • network knowledge transfer between recognized institutions biobanking human biological material and the newly constructed institutions especially in Eastern Europe, where the idea of biobanking becomes now more and more popular.

Wrocław Research Centre EIT+  is one of the performers of seventh package (WP7) in the BBMRI LPC project. In the course of its implementation it is planned to establish contacts with biobanking institutions from Eastern Europe, keeping a register of biobanking establishments in this area and conducting biobanking training for newly established repositories of biological material. The realization of these tasks has a very positive influence on the position of the Biobank EIT + in a European network of biobanks BBMRI, network ESFRI and warrants cooperation at international level.

Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 09.06.2016