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The aim of the project ” EIT+ Accelerator of innovative companies with hybrid industry profile” to identify promoters of innovative solutions and encourage them to start a business based on unique know-how/patents from several areas (BIO, NANO, IT, ENERGY) and the development of this activity through the establishment and recapitalization of the newly established companies.

Who are we looking for?

Nests of Innovation – teams/individuals having the ability to generate innovative ideas in a “continuous” way, having a desire to participate in the process of developing technologies based on the innovative idea and interested in the success of market commercialization.

Why we are looking for Nests of Innovation, not individual innovative ideas?

Because a single innovative idea can become obsolete and unattractive on the market or in terms of technology after its incubation period. What is needed then is the fundamental modification or other new innovative idea.

Project assumptions and principles of cooperation

WRC EIT + in the final stage of incubation invests in approximately 10 technology companies. The result of the capital support of originators of selected projects will be the reduction of the risk for venture capital investors or market investors (NewConnect, NASDAQ) at a later stage of development. EIT + WRC envisages the output of capital with technology companies after several years of their establishment (5-7 years). Funds obtained in this way will be invested in new projects.

max. the value of share of EIT + WRC in the company: EUR 200,000 (EU regulations – the de minimis rule)
a majority stake in the private equity company
mandatory contribution to the originators in the form of intangible and legal assets and cash share
allowable stages of capital entry
Accelerator project is funded under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme, Measure 3.1 “Initiating innovative activities”.

Edyta Petters
Accelerator  Project Coordinator
mobile: +48 727 660 261

Anna Brzozowska
Finance, Accounting and Administrative Specialist
tel. +48 71 720 16 40


Lipid Systems Sp. z o. o., Wrocław

Simply User Sp. z o. o., Kraków

Numed Sp. z. o. o., Ciechanów

Ekoinwentyka Sp. z o. o., Ruda Śląska

Nanovectors Sp. z o. o., Wrocław

BOSSG & EIT+ Technologies Sp. z o. o., Wrocław

Incuvo Sp. z o. o., Katowice

MicroscopeIT Sp. z o. o., Wrocław

Hybrid Glass Poland Sp. z o. o., Wrocław

Infermedica Sp. z o. o. , Wrocław

Nauru Sp. z o. o. , Wrocław

InnovaLab Sp. z o. o., Kraków

Solutions4GA Sp. z o. o., Warszawa

We provide long-term relations aimed at establishing a technological company. The established company at the stage of pre-incubation will be equipped with knowledge of the business model, industry news, strategy development, human and organizational resources. Entity configured in such a way, with the support of capital in the form of financial resources will be supported by corporate governance.

Services at the stage of pre-incubation:

assessment of value and skills of knowledge transfer on innovative research results – preparation of the evaluation report with recommendations. The process of assessing the overall idea is indicative and is used to identify problems related to technical and market value of an idea – it takes around 2 months
consultancy and expert coaching, joint modelling and creating new business, market research, creating plans and financial, marketing, technology strategies, pricing of know-how/patents, developing business plans for the introduction of technologies to the market.
Detailed assessment is to clarify the process of commercialization and the transition from development of commercialization concept to a phase of business development to the creation of a complete business plan related to the introduction of the technology to the market.

Services related to the capital entery:

legal services incurred in connection with the development of partnership agreements and the negotiation process of their contents, until the company is entered into the National Court Register,
investment within the limit of de minimis (200,000 €)
providing professional corporate governance
Persons interested in cooperation, please contact our industry brokers or “Accelerator” project coordinators

Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 28.08.2015