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  • In silico design of potentially therapeutic small molecules and proteins targeted to biologically active targets
  • Bioproduction of biologically active/therapeutic proteins e.g. antibodies, enzymes, signaling molecules, regulatory proteins
  • Functional, molecular screening of therapeutic agents
  • Receptor-ligand binding study, determination of kinetic, affinity and thermodynamic parameters
  • determination of enzymes inhibition/activation efficiency of potential therapeutic agents
  • In vitro drug candidates testing
  • evaluation of biological/ therapeutic activity in dedicated cell lines or cell models
  • drug candidates proteomic effects determination using proteomic platform, affinity chromatography based chemical proteomics, regulatory pathways assays
  • in vitro ADME/tox assays
  • In vivo drug candidates testing
  • pharmacokinetic parameters determination using dedicated mouse models

Discovery and validation of biomarkers and biomarker signatures for diagnostic use, control of therapies and therapy development

  • Biomarkers/therapeutic targets identification
  • proteomics platform integrating supersensitive radioactivity based differential proteome quantification accessing to extremely low abundance proteins, advanced mass spectrometry protein analysis and bioinformatics based validation and functional processing
  • metabolomics platform integrating advanced mass spectrometry, NMR and gas chromatography differential metabolites identification/quantification and bioinformatics based validation processing
  • genomics platform integrating advanced genome/ DNA-seq differential determinations and bioinformatics based validation processing
  • transcriptomics platform integrating advanced quantitative different RNAs quantification and bioinformatics based validation processing


–  diagnostic biomarkers validation on clinical samples using multimodal assays, access to statistically significant sample pool, with accordance to EMEA guideline on clinical evaluation of diagnostic agents

–  therapeutic biomarkers/targets validation integrating functional cell, animal models, molecular biology techniques and advanced multi modal/ intravital microscopy, multiparameter flow cytometry analysis/sorting with bioinformatics support


– glicoconjugates

– new vaccine carriers

– study of nanopartices, polisaccharides and natural substances properties

Research on immunomodulatory properties of substances

Hybridoma technology and monoclonal antibodies

Functionalisation of nanoparticles and surfaces for bioimaging, detectors and diagnostic tests

Development of new strategies for antiviral therapies

Modulation of endogenous signaling pathway for autoimmune diseases treatment

Examination of signaling pathways in immune system cells



Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 27.10.2016