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  • Generation of immortalized cell lines from biological material
  • Generation of stable cell lines

– design and construction of expression vectors

– selection of transfection method

– selection of gene amplification system (GS, DHFR)

– isolation of stable clones with high transgene expression

– analysis of expression of transcription factors and signaling molecules (including phosphorylation status)

– determination of cytokine production

– cell morphometry

See also: Cell Culture Laboratory, Confocal Microscopy Laboratory  NEW DRUG TESTING IN CELL MODELS

  • Analysis of cell viability and apoptosis
  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Proliferation assay (incorporation of thymidine analogues, cell number measurements)
  • Examination of mitochondrial biogenesis and mitochondrial membrane potential
  • Determination of free radicals production
  • Genotoxicity (phosphorylation of histone protein H2AX)
  • Phototoxicity
  • Cell morphometry
  • Cell motility analysis
  • Analysis of intracellular granule dynamics
  • Cytoskeleton analysis
  • Co-localization of proteins
  • Analysis of organelle distribution
  • Analysis of phagocytosis

See also: Confocal Microscopy Laboratory, Flow Cytometry Laboratory ANALYSIS OF TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR EXPRESSION

  • Intracellular staining of transcription factors

See also: Confocal Microscopy Laboratory, Flow Cytometry Laboratory

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