BioBank EIT+

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BioBank EIT+

EIT+Biobank  provides services for collection, handling, storage and traceability of human biological research samples.

We are open for collaboration with academia, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry as well as patients who are supporting the development of biomedical research in our region.

The biobank collects both population and disease oriented cohorts.


For our external and internal customers we offer:

  • Sample storage
  • Sample release for the purpose of scientific and industrial cooperation
  • Isolation of nucleic acids from peripheral blood
  • Technical support during the project planning, including scientific expertise in the field of biobanking
  • Storage of back-up samples from clinical trials
  • Trainings from practical biobanking aspects

EIT + Biobank is one of the biggest biobanking centers in Poland. The facility is led by Dr. Lukasz Kozera , National Biobanking Coordinator. Biobank works according to the OECD guidelines and local regulations. It uses a single step coding system. Information on biological material is stored in specially designed  information managment system. Biological material is stored at -80 and -150 degrees Celsius. Freezing system is secured additional uninterruptible power supply and other types of gas back up.


Contact details:

Dr. Lukasz Kozera, Biobank Manager

Biobank EIT+,

Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+,

54-066 Wroclaw, Stablowicka 147,

Building no. 3


Posted by Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 24.05.2016