About Us

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About Us

Wrocław Research Centre EIT+  is a research and development organization, focused on the development of innovations, new technologies and research for the needs of industry and modern economy, thematically subordinated strategies of smart specializations. It combines the features of an advanced technology park, thematic cluster, as well as research and development institute.
By conducting application research in the areas of nanotechnology, material technology, biotechnology, medicine, as well as energy and climate, we are looking for marketable technology solutions.

We offer:

  • 11 000 m2 of lab space,
  • 27 ha of campus area,
  • 100 ha of an area surrounding the Campus, intended by the city of Wroclaw for innovative activities,
  • 13 km from the center of Wroclaw,
  • excellent communication thanks to the proximity of motorway bypass, airport and railway station,
  • access to an interdisciplinary academic staff of EIT+ and specialists of commercialization process,
  • research from the scale of nano –to quarter – and half – technical,
  • open lab spaces of an „open space”type,
  • laboratories in BSL2 standard,
  • nanotechnology laboratories equipped with clean rooms,
  • interdisciplinary research and development projects.

EIT+ is continuously developing the business area. This is a place oriented to customer service. It is composed of an interdisciplinary team: from customer service professionals, through commercialization specialists, technology brokers, to those involved in the development and management of projects co-funded by the EU (national grants, EU). Another group are specialists of marketing, promotion and PR. All of them have experience in cooperation with the industry and operate with the awareness of intellectual property protection and confidentiality
appropriate to the activities conducted.

Wrocław Research Centre EIT+ is a limited liability company that develops thanks to symbiosis anda unique ecosystem of the Lower Silesia. The creators of the concept of the Center and the owners of the Company are the 5th largest Wroclaw universities, and a key strategic partner is the government of Wroclaw (more than 90% of shares).

Campus potencial

Space for business