Molecular Interactions Laboratory

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Molecular Interactions Laboratory

The facility offers an excellent opportunity for biomolecular interactions analysis.
Our equipment measures any interaction (from ions to nanoparticles) and enables interaction analysis with great precision and confidence.

The Molecular Interactions Laboratory is available to both academic and commercial organizations.

  • Kinetics and biophysics of protein-protein, protein-ligand & DNA interactions
  • Mechanism (Kd, DH, DS, stechiometry) and kinetics (Kd, kon, koff) of interactions for interactants ranging from ions to viruses
  • Enzyme kinetics parameterization (kcat, Vmax, Km, IC50, Ki)
  • Biological activity analysis (SPR, ELISA, AlphaScreen, AlphaLISA, UV-NIR, FRET, TR-FRET, TRF, FP)
  • Potential drug targets and diagnostic markers development
  • Research collaboration with academia and industry
  • Biacore T200 Biomolecular Interaction Analyzer (SPR)
  • OctetRED 384 (BLI)
  • Monolith NT 115Pico (MST)
  • Multifunctional workstation Tecan FreedomEVO 200 with multimode plate reader Infinite M1000 Pro for all detection techniques

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Tel: +48 71 720 16 45

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