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We offer companies both small laboratory and office space for the development of micro-technology companies, as well as areas dedicated to R&D centers of large companies. EIT+ provides access to all laboratories and is focused on providing research services. It is a convenient solution that allows customers to outsourcing and reduction of operating costs through the use of outsourced research services.

The total area for rent is about 2 000 m2. The interiors are equipped with modern laboratory furniture, fume cupboards and basic laboratory equipment. There is a possibility of exclusive use of specialized equipment or access to laboratories of EIT+ per hour.

It is possible to participate in measurements with an operator and many other facilities which provides the proximity of EIT+, such as access to scientific events and actions popularizing science or rentof conference rooms.

Depending on your needs, we are able to customize equipment for specific customer requirements, as well as organize and conduct R&D center for the needs of business clients.

Wrocław Research Centre EIT+ offers comprehensive solutions in the area of research and development.
Our research infrastructure is growing steadily. From the end of 2015 system of nearly 40 specialized biotechnology and nanotechnology laboratories operate in the Campus.

They enable to meet both interdisciplinary and current development needs of micro, small as well as medium and large enterprises.


Posted by Centrum Badań EIT+, Posted on 07.10.2015