Confocal Microscopy Laboratory

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Confocal Microscopy Laboratory

Laboratory provides research services that are focused primarily on analysis of biological processes in living cells and tissues using fluorescence microscopy. It is equipped with confocal microscopes, which are well suited for 3D analysis of stained specimens and live imaging of cells and tissues in vivo or in culture. Research activities in the laboratory concentrate on how cellular physiology is affected by various conditions and are aimed at discovery and development of new bio-active substances and diagnostic tests.


High-resolution fluorescence analysis of cultured cells and tissue sections

morphometry, evaluation of intracellular distribution of structures of interest, 3D reconstruction, co-localization assays

Live microscopic analysis of cells and tissues in vivo and in culture

longitudinal analysis of morphology, migration studies of cells and intracellular structures in real time in controlled environment (temperature, humidity, CO2 and O2), production of reactive oxygen species with CellROX Green fluorescent probe

Material surface analysis with laser reflectance

Microscopic high-throughput screening

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of microscopic images


  • Inverted stand
  • Spinning disk module Yokogawa CSU-X1A 5000
  • Lasers: 405, 488, 561, 639 nm
  • Dual camera setup: EMCCD QImaging Rolera EM-C2
  • Objectives: 10x (NA 0.30), 20x (NA 0.4 LD), 25x (NA 0.80 W), 40x (NA 0.6 LD; NA 1.20 W; NA 1.4 Oil), 63x (NA 1.20 W; NA 1.4 Oil), 100x (NA 1.46 Oil)
  • Motorized stage with Definite Focus
  • Incubator XLmulti S1 and heating insert for 96-well plates
  • Temperature and O2/CO2 controller
  • DirectFRAP module for FRAP (Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching)



  • Upright stand
  • Conventional and resonant (8 kHz) scanner
  • VIS lasers: 488, 552, 638 nm
  • IR laser: femtosecond pulsed Chameleon Vision II, tuning range: 680-1080 nm
  • Detectors: 3 internal PMT, 4 external NDD-PMT
  • Objectives: 10x (NA 0,40), 20x (NA 0,75), 25x (NA 0,95 W), 40x (NA 1,10 W; NA 1,3 Oil), 63x (NA 1,4 Oil)
  • Motorized stage
  • Temperature controller and heating insert for Petri dishes
  • Set-up for intravital imaging of mice



  • Imaris 8 (Bitplane)
  • Huygens Professional (SVI)
  • Image-Pro Premier (Media Cybernetics)

Grzegorz Chodaczek, PhD – Head of the Laboratory

Katarzyna Mikołajewicz, M.Sc. – PhD student

Monika Toporkiewicz, PhD – Post-doc

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OPUS 8: Constitutive autoreactivity of gamma-delta T cells as a beneficial mechanism of epidermal barrier surveillance
project leader – Grzegorz Chodaczek, grant from National Science Centre, Poland, funding period 09.2015-09.2018

SONATA BIS 4: Multiparameter characterization of surveillance of reproductive epithelium homeostasis by gamma-delta T cells that includes high resolution intravital microscopy
project leader – Grzegorz Chodaczek, grant from National Science Centre, Poland, funding period 07.2015-07.2020

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